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To: All Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Owners, Operators, Maintenance Staff,
Plant Engineers, and Consulting Engineers

Following 37 years of applied field research, including over 18 years of field testing, we are pleased to announce an end to all of the life-cycle maintenance problems associated with Chain and Rake Bar Screens, Chain and Bucket Grit Collectors and Elevators, Chain and Flight Rectangular Collectors and Conveyors, and Paddle-Wheel and Turbine Flocculators and the first major advancement in chain and sprocket technology since 1985. If you and your staff are tired of the frequent maintenance, unscheduled outages, and high replacement costs associated with operating chain and sprocket collector and conveyor equipment, we have guaranteed long-term solutions to your problems

DuraMax CS720S, CS715SS, H82 and H78 Cast Stainless Steel Chains are the strongest and most durable chain products ever developed for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and power transmission service. DuraMax Chains are cast from aerospace-grade stainless steel alloys for maximum strength and maximum resistance to all typical wear and failure mechanisms in wet and abrasive conveyor service, including corrosion-erosion, corrosion-abrasion, stretch, chloride embrittlement, and biological and chemical attack.

DuraMax Cast Stainless Steel Chains can replace any of the following cast, fabricated metal, and plastic chains: A730, CS730, HS730, 730S, CS720S, 720S, C720, NCS720S, NC720S, SAV715, SAV713, SS715, SS713, 132, A102B, A102-1/2, 1114, C110, 856, 860, 698, H82, NH82, C9103, C4103, 131, H78, NH78, 488, 988, 188, and 588, among others. DuraMax CS715SS chains are available in standard unicast (one piece) F2, F26, and F28 attachment links. DuraMax CS720S/730S chains are available in standard unicast (one piece) F2, F26, F28, AD474, AM116, A-2, A-42, K-1, K-2 and K-10 attachment links. Duramax H78 chains are available in A1, A22, AD464, F2, F4, F20, and F26 attachment links. Other standard attachment links and custom attachment links are available for all DuraMax Chains upon request.

DuraMax Equipment Products are long-life, low maintenance, field-tested upgrades for all the other major load-bearing components and wear items that are designed for 20+ years of continuous, heavy-duty service. They will substantially reduce or eliminate most routine and life-cycle maintenance tasks. Standard upgrades include DuraMax Polymeric and Stainless Steel Sprockets, high-performance bearings, corrosion and wear-resistant heat-treated stainless steel shafting, among others. You will find additional details about these components under each equipment section.

DuraMax Chain and Equipment Products are furnished with a standard 10-Year Warranty. They are available for new equipment, or for repairs and retrofits to existing Bar Screens, Grit Collectors, Rectangular Collectors, and material handling conveyors, all types and all manufacturers.

DuraMax Chain and Equipment Products are made in the U.S.A. They are engineered, manufactured and sold exclusively through Environmental Resources, Inc., our sales representatives, and our associate O.E.M., Amwell, division of McNish Corporation, and their representatives. For other questions and technical assistance, please call or write to us, or to your local DuraMax representative. Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to be of service.

Best regards,

Michael Humcke

Michael W. Humcke - President
Co-Inventor and Technical Consultant
Environmental Resources, Inc.