U.S. PATENTS 7,237,375 B2 and 7,343,730 B2 | Canadian Patent 2,519,633


  1. Lightweight Cast Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel Chain Links and Chain Pins:

    DuraMax CS715SS Chains are the lightest and strongest 715 Series chains in the industry.

    DuraMax CS715SS Chain links and pins are cast from precipitation hardening aerospacegrade stainless steels, and are heat-treated and through hardened to an average of 385 to 415 Brinell for maximum wear resistance.

    DuraMax CS715SS Chain has an ultimate strength of 48,000 pounds, an ASME rated working load of 4,000 pounds, and a weight of only 3.5#/foot.

  2. Smooth, Non-abrasive Surface:
    Smooth, non-porous and tight-grain investment cast surface structure designed for use on DuraMax Polymeric and Stainless Steel Segmental Rim Sprockets.
  3. Curved “chain saver” sidebars:

    Reduces wear, and provides additional load carrying capacity and wear reduction when operated on chainsaver rim sprockets

  4. Easy-to-install chain pin:

    The “no press fit” chain pin design can be installed by hand, and without the application of mechanical force.

  5. Maximum Corrosion Resistance:

    DuraMax cast stainless steel alloys provide superior corrosion resistance to most major biological and chemical elements and compounds found in water and wastewater, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, chlorine, ferric and ferrous chlorides, alum, sodium and calcium chlorides, anoxic (septic) wastes, high temperature, high and low pH levels, and brackish waters.

  6. Full length sidebar reinforcing ribs:

    The T-shaped sidebar provides uniform cross sectional mass across the “x” and “y” axis, resulting in extraordinary chain strength.

  7. Uniform Dimensional Tolerances:

    The patented DuraMax investment casting process yields very uniform dimensional tolerances throughout each and every link cast. This eliminates the need for match-marking and shipping the chain in matched strands, and assures perfect side-to-side equipment alignment, even in very large equipment applications.

    Tight tolerances between the barrel and chain pin, and between the pin boss and chain pin reduce the entry of grit, sand, and abrasives within the chain joints.