Duramax Chains and Attachments

Duramax 10 Year Warranty - Click to DownloadPerformance and Warranty

Unless otherwise specified, DuraMax Chain and Equipment Products shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship FOR A PERIOD OF UP TO TEN (10) YEARS, consisting of a 5-year full warranty, plus a 5-year prorated warranty (50% of the original value at 5 years plus 1 day from the anniversary date; decreasing uniformly to 0% on the 10th year anniversary).  The warranty term shall commence from the date of shipment, or final Client or Environmental Resources, Inc. (ERx, Inc.) inspection and written certification, whichever occurs last. All components shall be designed, installed, inspected, operated and maintained according to ERx, Inc.'s recommendations and engineering standards. Warranty claims shall be limited to proven defects in materials and workmanship such that the furnished components are unable to operate in a consistent and reliable manner within the warranty period.

ERx, Inc. agrees to provide the DuraMax equipment components and materials ("Products") within the limits prescribed under the ERx, Inc. standard  terms and conditions of sale.  ERx, Inc. shall exercise reasonable skill and judgment in providing all Products. ERx, Inc.'s responsibility is specifically limited to Products provided by ERx, Inc. to the Client.  Products shall be manufactured according to site-specific findings obtained or provided, and recommendations shall be prepared in accordance with specified and currently accepted industry standards, principles and practices. ERx, Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for acts or omissions of the Client, its officers, directors, employees or agents, the Client's assigns, consulting engineers, contractors or any other third parties. Except for the direct acts or omissions of ERx, Inc., the responsibility for proper application, installation, operation and maintenance of the furnished equipment shall be the Client's or their assigns. 

DuraMax Chains and Equipment Products are warranted to be resistant to biological and chemical attack, and resistant to wear from abrasive materials within the limits of the physical and mechanical properties of the materials furnished.

Chemical attack exceeding material resistance limits, chemical staining and non-structural surface corrosion shall not constitute a defect or defects. Abrasive attack from substances exceeding the hardness of the furnished materials, direct contact with worn and/or abrasive surfaces, contact with concrete or rocks, wear caused by miring or impacting the chain and/or components in sand or other abrasive materials, operating the chain and equipment without lubrication, site-specific wear and tear, wear and damage caused by equipment misalignment and/or improper chain tension, shall not constitute a defect or defects.

Failure of ancillary equipment components not furnished, and/or failure of ancillary equipment components that cause and/or result in damage or a failure to the furnished DuraMax equipment components shall not constitute a basis for warranty claims. DuraMax chain products must be properly sized, installed and operated with new compatible high-grade stainless steel or approved polymeric sprocket materials, or other sprocket materials furnished by or approved by Environmental Resources, Inc.  Selected sprocket materials shall provide a uniform and balanced wear between the chain and sprockets, and will not suffer from, cause, promote or result in fracture, spalling, galling, corrosion-erosion, corrosion-abrasion, cold-flow of the sprocket materials, nor cause irregular or uneven wear to the chain and sprocket surfaces at any time. 

ERx, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to the chain or other components caused by improper operation, or by inadequate preventive and routine maintenance of the equipment. Failure by the Client or their assigns to maintain and keep the equipment in good working order, and to properly operate and maintain the equipment within design ratings, loads, material limits, and use parameters specified for the equipment provided shall void any and all warranty claims and remedies.  For the duration of the warranty period, the equipment shall receive a full and complete inspection of the DuraMax Chain and Sprockets, all associated bearing and shaft assemblies, and all related collector components, once per year. The Client or their assigns shall perform all routine and preventive adjustments and repairs, including adjustments for proper alignment and chain tension, as necessary to keep the equipment chains and associated components in good operating condition, and operating within original design parameters. The Client, or their assigns responsible for maintaining the equipment shall record and fully document all routine adjustments, maintenance and   repairs, including the findings and results of each annual maintenance inspection.